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Pelican Photos

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The Brown Pelican of North America usually plunge-dives for its prey. Rarely, other species such as the Peruvian Pelican and the Australian Pelican practice this method. Consumption of other birds is rare. In 2006, footage of a pelican swallowing a living pigeon in St. James Park, London was captured, although such incidents had long claimed to happen there. According to tourists watching it, the pelican walked to the pigeon and grabbed it in its beak, hence starting the 20 minute struggle which ended when the victim was swallowed "head first down while flapping all the way down". A pelican in Zoo Basel has been known to eat ducks. It has been suggested this feeding behaviour is more likely with captive birds that live in a semi-urban environment and are in constant close contact with humans, although it has been observed in the wild. ~wiki~

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