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Wallaby Photos


A wallaby is any of about thirty species of macropod (Family Macropodidae). It is an informal designation generally used for any macropod that is smaller than a kangaroo or wallaroo that has not been given some other name. Very small forest-dwelling wallabies are known as "pademelons" (genus Thylogale) and "dorcopsises" (genera Dorcopsis and Dorcopsulus,) The name, "wallaby", comes from the Eora Aboriginal tribe who were the original inhabitants of the Sydney area. Young wallabies are known as "joeys," like many other marsupials. Adult male wallabies are referred to as "bucks," "boomers," or "jacks." An adult female wallaby is known as a "doe," "flyer," or "jill." A group or congregation of wallabies is called a "court," "mob," or "troup." Although most wallaby species are small in size, some can grow up to six feet in length (from head to tail). -Wiki-

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